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A Playlist for Hillary

Hillary Clinton has an iPod. Yeah, and so do Condi, Dubya, and at least half of Washington, based on my observations during the morning and evening commutes. What’s on it is the real interesting question. “I’ve got everything — a … Continue reading

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I know the Bush economic plan is to stick our kids with the bill for their war, tax cuts, etc. I just thought they’d be out of high school when the bill came due.

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Shorter Power Line

I don’t read the Power Line blog that often, because I don’t often read right wing blogs, but when I saw that the Daou Report had linked to their post about Ray Nagin’s election win in New Orleans, I went … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Court OKs Gay Adoptions

I covered Oklahoma’s anti-gay adoption law — which not only prevented gay adoptions in the state, but also prohibited the state from recognizing adoptions granted in other states to same sex couples — when it was passed by the Oklahoma … Continue reading

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Apology Not Accepted

Kudos to Washington D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams has recommended that minister Alfred Owens apologize for blatantly homophobic remarks made during a sermon. Mayor Anthony A. Williams threatened yesterday to remove a prominent minister from his interfaith council if the minister … Continue reading

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Gay Flip-Flops Abound

I’ll say this for the Bush administration. They can still surprise me. Back in January I posted about how the Bush administration backed an Iranian initiative to block U.N. access to gay human rights groups. But apparently there’s been an … Continue reading

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So, can we call them racists yet?

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It’s official. The reservations have been made. I’ll be at the YearlyKos Convention in Las Vegas, June 8 – 11. (And “the ex” is gonna be there too.) I’ve never been to Las Vegas before, so it should be quite … Continue reading

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Good News from Georgia

Well, this is welcome news. A Georgia judge struck down the state’s ban on gay marriage. And in doing so, she offered these words of sanity. Judge Constance C. Russell’s order states: "This Court is well aware that Amendment One … Continue reading

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Tar Baby

Oh no he didn’t. It’s amazing what people will say when they think you ain’t in the room. SNOW: Having said that, I don’t want to hug the tar baby of trying to comment on the program, the alleged program, … Continue reading

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Religious Remainders

I don’t often to “remainders” posts. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done one. But there were a lot items on my radar and in my news reader today that were religiously related in one way or another. So … Continue reading

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Supremes Sidestep Gay Families

Did they dodge a bullet or did we? I’m not sure, but I’m a bit relieved when the Supreme Court refuses to rule on a gay adoptions case, thus letting stand a ruling that came down in our favor. In … Continue reading

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Media Matters notes that Oliver North asked why Dean hadn’t denounced anti-gay protesters at soldiers’ funerals, and implied that the protesters — Fred Phelps and family — may be “liberals” or Democratic supporters. Ollie missed the point. Maybe the reason … Continue reading

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Hmmm. I guess I’d better pick up the place a bit now that Wonkette knows where I live.

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Reprieve for Iraqi Gays?

Nobody else is talking about this yet, so I might as well since — as I’ve noted before — there hasn’t been much discussion in the blogosphere about the hunting of Iraqi gays by religious death squads. Iraqi gay men … Continue reading

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