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I have yet another reason for being embarrassed to be from Georgia. This time the Gwinnett County school board held a hearing to ban Harry Potter, at the request of missionary mom crying "anti-christian bias." Why? Witchcraft, of course. Who … Continue reading

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Iraq’s Ultimate Ex-Gay Therapy

It looks like the BBC has finally picked up on the story of about Iraq’s anti-gay death squads. The opening of the story makes it sound almost as if Iraq has developed the ultimate "ex-gay therapy." "I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Not that it’s going to get much play anywhere at all, but the UN has confirmed the initial reports about Iraq’s anti-gay religious death squads.

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While we’re on the subject of religion, check out Faith in America — an organization dedicated to "the emancipation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from bigotry disguised as religious truth." [Hat-tip to Adamant Sun.]

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Wading Through the Wingnuts

Given how often I weigh in on religion, you’d think I’d have jumped on the story about the gospel of Judas by now. It’s not that I don’t have the inclination, just the time. I’ve been interested in the whole … Continue reading

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From “Ex-Gay” to Ex-Boyfriend?

Well, yeah. If your "ex-homo" beau isn’t putting out. That’s the advice you’ll apparently get from a Focus on the Family advice columnist. RawStory clued me in to this tidbit, which appeared on the FoF website but was late removed, … Continue reading

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Faith & Family

"Black Mothers ‘Don’t Reject Gay Sons’" Really? News to me. That’s what I said to myself when I read the headline above. Then I read further and understood. We’re talking about black mothers in Britain. In a direct challenge to … Continue reading

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Queer. Dharma.

Someone in another online forum sent me a personal message recently, saying that he’d run into a inordinate number (his words) of gays & lesbians who practice, study, or are drawn towards Buddhism. He wondered if I had any explanation … Continue reading

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Funny Money in MD

I haven’t blogged much about local issues since moving out of the district, but yesterday the hubby had an appointment in the city and I rode in with him. So instead of my usual routine of listening to the iPod … Continue reading

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Take Your Pick

“Jesus vs. Jeezus” Happy Sunday. Via The Pain Comics (be sure to check out the artist’s statement), via People’s Republic of Seabrook.

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Respecting an Establishment of Religion

I’m sure I’m going to open myself up to charges of religious bigotry here, but I think this adds up to legitimate cause for concern. It can’t be a coincidence that a state whose governor recently declared war on birth … Continue reading

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What’s Up with Focus on the Family?

Things just get curiouser and curiouser. I’ve posted before about how James Dobson and Jerry Falwell have both made strangely supportive statements about gay & lesbian equality in the past year or so. Now I come across this. Focus on … Continue reading

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Speaking of “the Rapture,” some evangelicals are meeting to figure out how to hurry it along.

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It Ain’t Natural

Another video. This may be the only time I ask anyone to greenlight anything having to do with Willie Wilson. Dean Hamer has a video up over at CurrentTV, about homophobia in African American communities. (Yeah, yeah. He’s a white … Continue reading

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Still Uppity, After All These Years

I guess  Joseph Lowery and I — along with the people who stood and applauded his remarks at Coretta Scott King’s funeral — just don’t get how black folks are supposed to behave at funerals. (Nevermind how many opportunities there … Continue reading

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