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Gay? It’s All in Your Mind.

Or, according to a new study, it’s all in your brain. Lesbians’ brains react differently to sex hormones than those of heterosexual women. An earlier study of gay men also showed their brain response was different from straight men — … Continue reading

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An ADHD History Lesson

I may be on the verge of going into activist mode; to the point that I’m seriously considering sending a membership check to CHADD or ADDA, or any organization that steps up and counters some of the madness that seems … Continue reading

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Med Alert

Here we go again. I guess I should ignore the regular hysterics that break out concerning ADD/ADHD medications.  but  stuff like this makes me think I think I should start stockpiling my medications, just in case. Several drugs widely used … Continue reading

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Just Checking

Not that there was ever any doubt, but once I ran across the quiz over at Scientific American Mind, I took it as an opportunity to just check in. I was led to the quiz by a post at the … Continue reading

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The Alpha Males Must Die

I come to bury the Alpha Males, not to praise them. Maybe that’s because I was never one of them. Not the strongest. Not the fastest. Not the bravest. Not the loudest. Leader of the pack? More like the runt … Continue reading

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WaPo and the Wacko

The hubby, who’s becoming more web savvy, turned me on to this story when I got home this evening. "Did you see who got profiled in the Post?" he asked. I hadn’t, so he pointed me towards the Post’s profile … Continue reading

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Does it Matter Why?

I’ve been trying to decide how to respond to this Boston Globe article about what makes people gay. For some reason, the whole notion of finding the "cause" of homosexuality has always made me nervous, because to me it implies … Continue reading

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Foot or PhotoShop?

What’s you’re vote on this?      It comes via CNet’s Newsblog, with the following quote.    Amid all the recent chatter about "intelligent design" and speculation over Roe vs. Wade’s fate in the Supreme Court, bloggers say, it’s not … Continue reading

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Something to Prove

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me. I learned early on how to spot guys who had something to prove. During my freshman year of college, the straight boys on my hall in the dorm used to … Continue reading

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Next Semester, Witch Burning 101

Texas is teaching the Bible, in a not-so-thinly veiled attempt to bring the teaching of religion back into public schools. The ones you and I pay for, that is. Sure, it’s an "elective" course. For now. But they’re already easing … Continue reading

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The Bi Study Debunked

I knew something felt fishy about the bisexuality study I posted about earlier, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Apparently John at AmericaBlog didn’t get it either, until a friend pointed to him that the study is the … Continue reading

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Fruit(y) Flies

They don’t call ’em “fruit” flies for nothing, I guess. I stumbled across this last night, and got a chuckle out of it, even though it’s quite sobering when you think about it. Apparently, scientists have been able to get … Continue reading

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It’s All In Their Heads

I’ve seen this in a few places today, and I’m not sure how comfortable I am with it. There’s a study out now suggesting that bigots just can’t help it, because prejudice is hardwired in the brain. Prejudice is a … Continue reading

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Beam Me Up, Scotty

There’s no intelligent life down here. Diana Schaub, a Loyola College professor and adviser to President Bush, is convinced that cloning and embryonic stem cell research are evil. She says this belief was formed, in part, by watching Star Trek. … Continue reading

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My DNA Made Me Gay?

This kinda creeps me out. In fact, news like this always creeps me out a bit when I hear tell of it. It’s’ one of those things that I’d rather not hear or know about, but that’s also to important … Continue reading

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