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Gore on SNL: Laugh or Cry?

Perhaps Both. Al Gore gives a speech on last night’s SNL, as though he’d become president in 2000. It would be funnier, if it weren’t also more than a little sad. Video and transcript below the fold.

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The hubby and I watched the last episode of TransGeneration on Logo last night. As with Rene’s story a couple of weeks ago, I was deeply moved and fascinated by the parents who accepted, embraced, and supported their children through … Continue reading

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More Great GOP Moments in Black History

Yup. The second installment of “Great GOP Moments in Black History” is up. Catch it at PoliticsTV.

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Law of the Playground

See, this is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about before. I quoted Ann Coulter when I posted earlier about Chris Matthews. Now, Ann’s at it again with another prime example of what she, Matthews and others have … Continue reading

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The Freying of America

Several years ago, I was a regular Oprah viewer. I had my VCR (that should tell you how long ago) set to record her show every afternoon, and I’d watch it while having dinner after work. When I read elsewhere … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews, Media Bully

“We have the media now.” ~ Ann Coulter  Well, they do. And that’s the problem. I use this analogy probably more often than I should, but that’s because it’s one that resonates with many people. Remember the schoolyard bully? Every … Continue reading

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Bully for Bullies

I’ve written about this before, but yesterdayI experienced a moment of cultural schizophrenia so funny that I couldn’t pass up making note of it here. It started this morning when I scanned my newsfeeds and came across this CNN piece … Continue reading

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Mean is What We Want

Peacebang has posted an interesting observation about blogger Perez Hilton having “jumped the shark.” I understand where she’s coming from, but I think she’s a little off base. A week or so ago, he posted a photo of a fat … Continue reading

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Noah’s Arc Sinking?

I got one comment about Noah’s Arc — the Logo network’s show about the lives of a group of black gay male friends — being in danger of cancellation. I haven’t found any concrete information about that, but it wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Boondocks Brilliance

There is brilliance, and then there is brilliance. And there there is — in a category unto itself — The Boondocks. If you did not see last night’s episode on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, find someone who has it … Continue reading

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Calling on Oprah

It’s been a while since I watched her show — there was a time when I taped it every afternoon to watch when I got home from work — but I’ve always been a fan of Oprah’s. And, as far … Continue reading

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Queer Irony for Straight Weddings

Maybe I’m taking things way too seriously. Maybe I’m still seething over the news in the previous post. But last night even something like Bravo’s Queer Eye, is causing my blood pressure to rise and not in a good way. … Continue reading

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DemsTV Appearance Up

My third appearance on DemsTV is up on their website, and I think the video podcast will be up on iTunes soon, if it’s not already. I’m on with Matt Stoller of BOPNews, and Garance Franke-Ruta of American Prospect. For … Continue reading

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Doing DemsTV

Taping another installment of DemsTV tonight. So, expect a quiet evening.

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God Warrior

I don’t even know what to say about this, staring the woman pictured above, so I’ll just present it. It’s from FOX’s show, Trading Spouses, which is somehow still on the air while Arrested Development got cancelled. And there’s already … Continue reading

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