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Dealing Dogs

There are at least three kinds of people I just have no tolerance for: child abusers/molesters, spouse abusers, and people who abuse or are cruel to animals. On a seemingly unrelated note, I also love documentary films. So, when I … Continue reading

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The Price of Beef

After that chicken post, this one might cause you to start thinking I’m just out to ruin everyone’s dinner. Not the case, but I coudn’t read this Guardian Unlimited article about the real costs of cheap beef. The cost is … Continue reading

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45 Days

My favorite animal rights group, Compassion Over Killing, has a posted their 12 minute documentary on the chicken industry, 45 Days: the Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken, posted at CurrentTV website. I went over there and gave it … Continue reading

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Death on a Plate

Earlier this week, while surfing around on Linkfilter, I came across a site claiming to to reveal “The Myths of Vegetarianism,” I filed it away to read later. I though it might be worth posting, if i could find a … Continue reading

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Strange Cravings

I’m still on the mend, particularly where my stomach is concerned. The weird part is that I seem to get hungry about 20 minutes after eating something, like my body is still craving the calories it didn’t get over the … Continue reading

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The Littlest Vegetarian?

Well, maybe not the littlest one, but certainly a budding vegetarian. Trey, over at Daddy, Papa and Me has posted the most adorable story about their daughter’s seeming innate vegetarian leanings. Emma and I went over to the buffet and … Continue reading

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From the Meat File

Two items from the “You Gonna Eat That?” category have been sitting in my mental inbox all day. The first comes by way of Karmalized. I already knew a bit, from reading Fast Food Nation (which I highly recommend, accompanied … Continue reading

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Are You Gonna Eat That?

Via Eat Your Vegetables. I couldn’t turn in for the evening without passing this on, after seeing it for myself. This is what I was talking about yesterday when I posted about the ethics of eating meat. I don’t agree … Continue reading

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Going Meatless

I was going through my regular blog reading this morning, when got to a post from Unlearned Hand about his decision to go meatless. I guess I find it heartening to hear that another person has decided to give up … Continue reading

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Quorn Nuts

Via Calpundit. Imagine my surprise to find Calpundit blogginging about Quorn. For those not in the know, the Quorn website says Quorn™ foods are made with mycoprotein, from the fungi family – and a relative of mushrooms, truffles, and morel, … Continue reading

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Belligerent Bovines

Todays e-newsletter from Compassion Over Killing contains links to two editorials on Mad Cow Disease that are particularly informative in terms of how the disease is spread through factory farming and in slaughterhouses, as well as what our government is … Continue reading

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Sexy Beast: Mad Cow

This comes via Cyberactivist, former slaughterhouse worker turned vegetarian, veggie activist, and blogger. The article is entitled Sex, Meat And Mad Cow. The author begins with this startling set up, If you really want to understand mad cow disease, just … Continue reading

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Fur is Dead. And it Sings Too!

I have to admit it. I have a pet peeve. OK, OK. I have LOTS of pet peeves, but there’s a particular one I’m confessing today. One of my pet peeves is people wearing fur; fur coats, fur-trimmed coats, etc. … Continue reading

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The Meatrix

Even if you’re not a vegetarian this site – and what it has to say about factory farming – is worth checking out, if only for the movie take-off at the beginning.

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Veggie Happenings

A couple of interesting happenings related to vegetarianism and/or animal welfare arrived in my inbox today. The EU issued a total ban on animal testing for cosmetics, putting the kabosh on the sale and manufacture of such materials. In other … Continue reading

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