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Another Friday, Another 10blogs

This is starting to become a more regular thing, and I think I like it because it pushes me to read beyond my usual picks, and it’s a way of pointing to some stuff I didn’t get to comment on … Continue reading

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An Imitation of Bobo Blogging

If I were Atrios, I’d probably post about the local Christian Coalition official who molested, family members, under the heading “Bobo’s World.” After news broke that local law enforcement officials were investigating complaints that Louis Beres, longtime chairman of the … Continue reading

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Link Popularity Tool

Interseting. I found this Link Popularity Tool on LinkFilter, and I thought I’d check the results for this blog. This is what the site itself had to say about link popularity. This is an all in one tool to check … Continue reading

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Independent Gays for Janice Rogers Brown?

I officially give up. I will never understand conservative-leaning gays. Case in point, Stephen H. Miller of Independent Gay Forum (where comments and trackbacks have been turned off since I last visited; so many conservative bloggers seem to do that). … Continue reading

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10blogs for Friday

More memorable posts from the week, from among the many I’ve read. Please join in and add your own choices in the comments. Peacebang – Stepford Destiny’s Child Karmalised – Racism Alive and Well at Daily Kos Flagrancy to Reason … Continue reading

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Liveblogging We Media

10:00 am – New York City: OK. So Al Gore is speaking. (Yeah, yeah. Of course he’s speaking here, because he invented the internet.) He does gigs like this when he’s not busy saving people from disaster.

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PubSub’s 10%

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, ever since Brad emailed me about it. There new blog ranking system in town. For the last few months, I’ve been quietly using PubSub to keep track of links back … Continue reading

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Me? Media?

Well, maybe for one day. I’ve gone back and forth about it and, like I’ve said before, I don’t consider what I do on this blog to be journalism. Maybe if I were out, hunting down stories, would. But what … Continue reading

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Just Like a Woman?

Shaula has a great post up about blogging and gender that gave me a feeling of deja vu when I read it, and I knew I would have to post about it at some point. It’s a terrific no-holds-barred on … Continue reading

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Happy Blog-aversary to Me

It’s rolled around again. It was two years ago today that I started this blog. Had I known it would go on this long, I’d have written something more in that first post. Who would have guessed two years ago … Continue reading

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Weird Moments in Blogging

So, yesterday I was sitting in a client meeting along with with a few of my coworkerw. We went around the table and introduced ourselves. I simply introduced myself as “Terrance, from EchoDitto.” But then our CEO added “Terrance’s blog … Continue reading

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10blogs for Friday

From the week just past. A few more A-listers than usual, but there were some things I wanted to comment on this week, but never got around to. Dancing With Myself – “Why Does Time Magazine Hate America?” The Next … Continue reading

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Open Thread (A First)

Here’s something I’ve never done before, but I thought I’d try it this morning: an open thread. I’m gathering my thoughts, seeing what’s in the news this morning, and trying to get some things done before heading out of town … Continue reading

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The Source on War Porn

Helena Cobban, from whom I picked up the war porn story (before it went big time) has another post up on the story, now that it’s hit the traditional media. There’s one point she makes and I wanted to underscore, … Continue reading

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Bad Books I’ve Read

After Roxanne’s recommendation about challenged books, I decided to see how many of the most often challenged books I’ve read. My reads are in bold.

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