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Blogging With No Exit

Crossposted from my EchoDitto blog. I am not a developer. I’m a writer with just enough technical knowledge to be dangerous. So there’s probably a lot I don’t know about creating blogging software. I’m not the guy who builds the … Continue reading

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Stroking the Middle of the Blogosphere

It’s been a while since I did one of my “blogging about blogging” posts, partly because the whole “A-List” discussion thread was getting kinda tiresome, but also because I just hadn’t felt like it. Maybe I just haven’t cared as … Continue reading

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Redecorating Again

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. In the process of upgrading to a new version of the theme I was using, I obliterated a number of the customizations I’d implemented. Since I’d been playing around with the theme you’re … Continue reading

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Back on the Blog

If you’re reading this, then it means that I once again have unfettered access to this blog. As usual, after I finish ranting and raving, someone has figured out the problem. Namely, one of our resident tech gurus at work. … Continue reading

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Exile Blogging

Well, the glass is half empty or half full, depending on how you look at it. The blog access problem seems to have been solved at home (given my past experience, I have little faith that the solution will hold), … Continue reading

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Blog Death?

Update: The problem appears to be fixed for the moment. Time will tell. This blog may be dead to me. My ISP continues to have network problems, so I can’t reach it from home. Now, apparently, I can’t reach it … Continue reading

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Test Blog Post

Can you see this? Because I can’t. My ISP is having network issues, so I can’t reach my blog from my home. But apparently other people can see it, because I’m still getting emails when there are comments posted. Of … Continue reading

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My iTunes Signature

I game across the iTunes Signature Maker and decided to give it a spin after reading the description. People often ask me what music I listen to, and I find it difficult to describe my enormous music collection in just … Continue reading

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What’s Your Blogging Workflow?

Every so often I’m reminded of how much I take for granted about what I do as a blogger, even though part of my job is teaching people how to blog. The most recent such occasion was last week, when … Continue reading

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Mentioned in Hindustan Times

Since I started blogging a couple of years ago, things have gotten more and more interesting, in ways I could never have imagined. The latest has me thinking of I should work the phrase “internationally known” into the title of … Continue reading

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Blogging on the Clock

The “work vs. blogging” thread is becoming the “meme that would not die.” I’ve covered it several times in the past, though not for a while. This time, however, the story seems to have changed a bit. It’s not the … Continue reading

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Google Me

I’m with Meghann. Once I finish the book for NaNoWriMo, if it ever finds it’s way to a publisher, I want the damn thing on Google. Lack of exposure is the primary reason that a book like mine would fail … Continue reading

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The latest DemsTV is up, and I’m on it again, for those who want to check it out. Technorati Tags: politics, television

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Link Popularity Tool

Interseting. I found this Link Popularity Tool on LinkFilter, and I thought I’d check the results for this blog. This is what the site itself had to say about link popularity. This is an all in one tool to check … Continue reading

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Liveblogging We Media

10:00 am – New York City: OK. So Al Gore is speaking. (Yeah, yeah. Of course he’s speaking here, because he invented the internet.) He does gigs like this when he’s not busy saving people from disaster.

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